Convivial Living was established in Southern Alberta by the owners of Lathered Cleaning Company, Sage Creek Permaculture and I Know A Guy Renovations.  Three companies all started by women. Woman who believed there was the possibility of a life that could include balance, structure and sanity all in one.  A group of women thrilled by the idea of bringing people inside and outside of their community together through mutual interests, morals, and passions in the form of a blog!  Interests like: keeping a tidy home, cooking healthy meals, repairing things in your house, and anything else we decide to throw in that relates to living a happy and healthy life!

The word ‘convivial’ has synonyms that include: friendly, lively, enjoyable, good-humoured, jovial, and warm.  Our goal each and every day is to live up to this beautiful word by spreading these vibes throughout our convivial community!