Your Journey to Authentic Living!

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 9.36.34 AMAmara Prince and Tammy Tkachuk have teamed up to create an inspirational and affordable online group coaching program called Life University. They created this program because they are committed to helping you fill in the gaps in terms of the REAL-LIFE SKILLS, STRATEGIES, and TOOLS you wish you had learned in school. With these skills, strategies, and tools, you can start living in the present, learning from your experiences every day, and…

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What is this elusive thing called “authenticity” that everyone is seeking to achieve these days… and how do you get it? That’s exactly what Amara and Tammy want to share with you here!

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 9.37.02 AMThe DAILY practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing how wonderful we truly ARE!

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1. Always have a feeling based goal you are moving towards!

What you focus on in your life is what you create, for either the positive or the negative! A positive, feeling-based goal gives you something inspiring to move towards; it makes you excited about jumping out of bed everyday! Live with purpose and use your strengths to serve others. Have something worthwhile to do.

2.  Create a morning or nightly routine. 

You must have a DAILY check in with yourself! How can you be your best self if you don’t take even a minute in your day to check in with yourself and determine what that is? Evaluate your struggles and positively re-frame them into learning opportunities for growth. Celebrate your acts of courage and ask yourself what feelings you have experienced today – and what they’re trying to signal to you. What do you need to shift so that you have more flow, organization, success, and joy in your life? Journaling, self-reflection, and meditation are key elements to living a life of authenticity!

3.  Make time for fun!

As you go through your day, remember to smile, laugh, joke, even just breathe! Look for ways to make the most mundane tasks fun. For example, play dance music and shake your booty while you do the dishes! Turn a task into a game. Get out and spend time with positive, lifeloving people! Find your belonging. Have face-to-face connections!

4.  CHOOSE to be Happy!

Life is full of ups and downs, challenges, and growth. It is natural to experience all emotions. In fact, it is crucial to honor feelings such as sadness and anger. These feelings are simply signals telling you that something needs to shift so you can make the choices that will make you feel happy again!

5. Follow your Intuition.

When you match your knowing (your gut), and your heart’s desires with your logic, you can reach a state of transcendence. The decision you make will be one that leaves you feeling complete, whole and as though you’re on your way to becoming your best self! Your inner wisdom is greater than you can imagine!

6.  Find Your Voice…

You are a crucial piece of the universal canvas of life. You have unique and necessary traits and capabilities that only you hold – and that this world needs. Your life story is what makes you who you are, and when you positively own it, you create your “WHY”. Find your “Why” (your meaning) and then hold it confidently for everyone to see. Let your voice be heard! What you have to say is important. Bravely stand up for yourself. Share your story and let others take inspiration from it!


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