Take a Tour of Sage Creek Permaculture!

It’s no secret that for most of us, meat is a key part of our diets.  But how is your meat being raised?  At Sage Creek Permaculture we believe an animals life deserves to be great despite what they’re being raised for.  We don’t need to feel guilty about the food chain,  however, we should be accountable for how humanely our meat is being raised and what systems we are supporting.

So, we thought it would be a wonderful idea to show you where your Sage Creek meat is coming from!  Let’s go on a little tour!

When you get to the farm the first thing you will see is our beautiful sign made from spare fence posts on your left. That is your indicator that you’ve made it to our little piece of heaven!  As you turn into the driveway, you get a small glimpse of our mature trees, barns, and my home!


Once you get a little closer, the first thing you will notice is our chicken coop! Our chickens have access to anywhere they please.  The sky is the limit!  More often than not, there will be chickens in just about every direction you look.


The next thing you will notice is our horses!  These friendly souls are Ladybug, Candid, Pre, and our mischievous donkey, Stick!  The smaller of the horses, Ladybug, belongs to my niece, Sierra!  The other two horses, Pre and Candid, are being boarded here by a lovely girl that works at my husbands horse clinic next door!

If you ever swing by on a day when my niece is around, she is always happy to take some kiddos for a ride!


And if you turn the corner, we have our little Berkshire piglets!  These guys will push each other over just to come and say hello!

Berkshire pigs are actually very sensitive to the sun, so we need to always ensure they have some protection from the suns ray!  Which is why they have their cozy, covered pen!  When they are slightly older, I set up a mobile home for them to come and go as they please to graze and play till’ their hearts content during the day!  It keeps both our pigs AND our soil healthy!  They’re great weeders!


And last but not least, our foster bees!  These little guys hail from the big city!  A local company rescues bees that have set up their hives in less than ideal places and brings them to farms like ours to live out their days in peace.  We foster these bees to help our farm with pollination and, of course, to help protect their dwindling species!  And it also doesn’t hurt that we get some farm fresh honey out of the deal!


And that’s the farm!  We pride ourselves in having happy, healthy animals and we always welcome you to come visit and see for yourself!

To schedule a farm visit, contact Nancy here!



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