In Her Shoes: Kelsey Davidson of Alive Fitness

Kelsey Davidson is the founder of Alive Fitness & Wellness. She prides herself in her Alive Family and how it has grown to support, inspire and serve women in Canada and USA to FEEL ALIVE!  Kelsey takes pride in running her business with her heart leading, karma supporting, and the mission to strengthen women physically, mentally and spiritually. She is able to serve women with her numerous certifications in Personal Training, Life Coaching and business management.

Alive opened it’s doors Jan 2014 in Kelsey’s home fitness studio, where she offered up to 10 classes a week and coached clients at local coffee shops. In November 2016, Kelsey relocated with her family to Costa Rica, where she now supports and inspires the Alive Family members via online programs, her Alive Fitness & Wellness App (where she delivers personalized and group fitness training) and conference calls (where both her client and her can enjoy our hot cup of tea or coffee in the comfort of our homes and still feel connected). Alive has transformed to be exclusively online yet still offers the support, encouragement and relationship as if Kelsey was in your home.



What is one of the things you would put on your “bucket” list? Bike riding the San Francisco bridge with my family!

What is one thing that annoys you the most? The game “I’ve got your nose” that grandparents or parents play with their kids, I really don’t like have my nose squeezed…

What is the one thing that should be taught in school that isn’t already? Business morals and ethics.

What’s your favourite sound? Popcorn! Its exciting!

Name a gift you will never forget.  My children (I know that’s corny…but that’s me.)

Do you have a favourite quote? “If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?  Playing soccer in the house.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? My husband says cook, iron, sew… I would say learn how to wakeboard or surf!

One word to describe your business? ALIVE!

Do you think women feel intimidated in business? I feel if they allow themselves to feel intimidated, they will. If they feel confident in their service and their purpose they can minimize that negative self-talk, that is building in their head to feed intimidating thoughts. When you allow the negative self talk to seep in, a mole becomes a mountain and things manifest to a larger obstacle than they are. Believe in your purpose, your voice and OWN it!

How do you achieve work-life balance, does it exist? Yes, it does exist. I’m the advocate for it! I had a home fitness studio, online business, trained for a half marathon and volunteered at my children’s school because each one those played a large part in ME as a WOMAN. I believe balance can happen with healthy boundaries, an effective and efficient schedule and trust within your business that all your loose ties were taken and everything you did was to the best of your ability. It’s a matter of prioritizing your time, energy and giving back to yourself.  

How did you get where you are today, and who/what helped you along the way? When the fork in the road moment came for me, it was give up on my dreams or push through, it was my long time (22years) best friend, Laura, who pulled me out of the gutter and believed in me to open Alive. It was her 3:00AM discussion that pushed me to get my business licence within 24 hours after our chat. Without the support of my husband, Mom, brother, son and daughter and having a close tribe of friends, Alive wouldn’t be where it is and have the impact it has now. As Alive grew I created an Alive Family where not only I felt the support, each and every Alive member near and far felt and feels the support and encouragement.

If you could time travel back to day one of your startup, what would you tell yourself? Quit the “I’m only a home fitness studio” limiting belief that I have learned to overcome in the last 2 years.

What would you tell woman entering into the same field? Believe that your ideal client is out there, she/he is looking for you and your purpose. There may be thousands of other trainers and coaches out there, believe that your ideal client is out there JUST FOR YOU!  And you holding back because there are other trainers/coaches out there, is only a disservice to your ideal client.

If a movie was made of your life what genre would it be, who would play you? I’d say it would be a comedy/adventure movie, I’d play the free spirited fitness Mom.

When budgeting and building your business, what is one thing you spend or spent money on that you believe is “worth the money”? Effective Facebook ads, I feel it is a great way for me to reach new women in different areas and allows Alive to grow into the USA and other countries. Also I love spending money on swag for my clients, I gave out sunglasses this summer and we had a lot of fun with them!

What habits help make you successful?

  1. Having the work- life balance is what makes me successful
  2. I’m intentional with all my personal and professional appointments
  3. I have healthy boundaries and open communication with everyone involved in my business, Alive family members included. They know when I’m having a rough day or when I’m having a great day!
  4. I give myself time for my health. I run regularly for my physical, mental and spiritual health and some of my best business ideas have come while running.
  5. I also believe the extra steps I do for my Alive Family members makes me successful. I show I care. Because I truly DO!

What was your ‘A-HA’ moment when you realized this was what you were meant to do? When I kept breaking the rules at my previous big box gym job. They were asking me to service and train clients in a cookie cutter way and this way was not serving me or my clients on all the levels I desired. This is when I created my values and beliefs as a trainer and then 2 years later I was able to open my own facility with my own mission and vision statement reflecting my values and beliefs.

And a shoe question, of course.  What is your favourite pair of shoes, and why? I love a good pair of flip flops and currently that’s all I wear unless running. I also recently just switched to Saucomy runners from Adidas, I do love a good pair of Adidas runners!

Is there anything else you would like to share with the women of the world who are thinking of entering into business for themselves? By showing the world your purpose, you are giving to the world. Remember you are LIMITLESS and do what makes you FEEL ALIVE!

“I love strong, I hug tight, I cry happy and sad tears, I’m honest, I swear, I fight for what I believe is right and I push myself to limits unknown physically, spiritually, mentally and professionally. Alive and I truly appreciate the good people in this world.”

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