Questions to Ask Before Choosing a New Cleaning Company!

Choosing a cleaning company is exciting for anyone, it’s like picking a puppy but instead of having to take care of it…it takes care of you!   And sometimes people let the excitement of getting cleaners into their home cloud their judgement and they forget the questions they should be asking before they book.

To help you make this decision a better one we have compiled a list of questions to ask before choosing your new puppy cleaning company.

     1. Are they insured and bonded? 

This is a question not a lot of people think to ask the cleaning company they’re booking with but it’s definitely one of the most important questions.  It’s the difference between: “We’d be happy to replace that thing we broke!” and “Yeah sorry about that…”.

     2. Do they ask their staff for up-to-date police checks?

It’s hard trusting complete strangers in your home when you’re not there; if your cleaning company requires their staff to provide a police check (and don’t be fooled…they SHOULD) then that’s just one less thing you need to stress about.

3. Do they give you a quote before even stepping foot inside your home?

Every house is different. There’s no such thing as one set price, if your cleaners are telling you a specific price before even seeing the size and state of your home, you’re either getting screwed big time or the deal of your life.  Hopefully it’s the latter.

     4. Do they offer a flat rate? 

All cleaners clean at different paces, the client shouldn’t have to pay for that.  Also, when cleaners are forced to rush because it is costing the client money, things get broken or missed completely. After your first clean your company should give you a flat rate for each clean after that and stick to that rate.  At Lathered, our philosophy is: Take your time and do a great job. If you put people over profit, profit still wins.  Staff get hours, clients get thorough cleans, and we get clients.

     5. How do you feel when booking your clean?  Does the owner/reception make you feel comfortable?  Are you being treated like a priority? 

It’s important when creating a new relationship with your cleaners that you feel you and your home are seen as a priority.  If you don’t have good vibes from your first encounter over the phone…chances are you’re not going to get the best experience possible.  You’re paying a lot of money to get the best treatment possible, if you don’t think you will…keep shopping.

     6. Are you able to get the same cleaner each visit?

It doesn’t matter how thoroughly your cleaning companies train their employees, some people are just better at cleaning than others.  It’s nice to ask the company when booking whether or not you can choose a cleaner you’d prefer once you’ve found one.

     7. What kind of products do they use?

Now, I can preach to you about the benefits of all natural cleaners all day…but I won’t.  All I will say is that each cleaning company uses different products [obviously] and some are harsher on your furniture AND your body.  If that’s something that concerns you, it never hurts to ask when booking what kind of cleaners that company uses!






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